carpet Missoni Home Cluny T56 300x300

Missoni Rug Cluny T56 Rosso cm.300x300

The Missoni Home Cluny Rug is a testament to the power of design and aesthetics. This vibrant and stylish rug features a bold and imaginative abstract design, with a central red square surrounded by a series of interlaced black and white squares. A small black triangle is positioned at the upper right corner, adding an extra touch of intrigue to the overall design. The rug showcases a range of geometric motifs, including zig-zag patterns, rectangular stripes, and diagonal and horizontal lines, all in a consistent color palette of deep red and stark black. The textures of the rug range from smooth and polished to rough and slightly raised, inviting touch and interaction.

  • Material: 100% Wool
  • Pile height cm: 1.5 cm
  • Standard size cm: 300x300 cm
  • Manufacturing: Handmade
  • International delivery: Yes
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The Art of Pattern and Colour

As a textile designer, the Missoni Home Cluny Rug is a masterpiece of geometric design and bold colour. The central red square, surrounded by interlaced black and white squares, creates a visually striking pattern that is both contemporary and timeless. The small black triangle at the upper right corner adds an extra touch of intrigue, making this rug a true statement piece.

The Power of Geometric Design

The geometric motifs in the Missoni Home Cluny Rug, including zig-zag patterns, rectangular stripes, and diagonal and horizontal lines, are a testament to the power of geometric design. These patterns create a sense of movement and dynamism, bringing life and energy to any space.

A Bold Colour Palette

The deep red and stark black colour palette of the Missoni Home Cluny Rug is bold and impactful. These colours create a strong visual contrast, making the rug a standout piece in any interior design scheme.

Advantages of Downloading the Updated Catalogue

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These rugs are handmade, adding a personal touch to each piece. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in the quality of the rug. Furthermore, custom sizes are available, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your space.

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Height cm
Missoni Home
Fibre detail
50% wool 50%viscose
hand made
Technique detail
hand tufted
Missoni Home
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