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Ottavio Missoni and Rosita Jelmini are Missoni founders, they met during the 1948 Olympic games in London and married in April 2053. They opened a small knitting workshop in Gallarate (Varese) and In April 1967 Missoni's popularity grew further when they were invited to present the new collection at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. On that occasion, a small scandal arose as, at the suggestion of Jelmini, the models paraded without a bra because of the wrong color.

Thanks also to the popularity received by Vogue magazine, in 1970 Missoni was able to open the first boutique in the United States inside Bloomingdale's. In November 1972, Woman's Wear Daily ranked the Missoni among the twenty world powers in the field of fashion ("Fashion Power of the world").

In 1983, the Missoni label became one of the first brands to expand its range from the catwalk into the home. Their signature pattern appeared on everything from candles to carpets. Today the Missoni homewares range incorporates ceramics, linens, rugs, cushions, throws, footstools, towels, lighting and outdoor fabrics and furnishings in the unmistakable, patterns and colourways of their fashion fabrics.

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In the multi-faceted Missoni House, evocative magic is perfectly balanced between design, colours and precious textures. The vibrant choreographies of fabrics are inspired by art and nature. The secret in allowing integration of different signs and graphics lays in colour codes, which unite together past and future.

Primary and complementary tones, deep and bright, condense and blur in kaleidoscopic stripes, patchwork effects, flames and geometrical inlays. They paint abstract tableaux and floral compositions. Neutrals take on the light spirit of nature.

Fabrics are vibrant and scenic, with the preciousness of works of art. Modern tapestries, iridescent or decorated, are unexpectedly reversible. Innovative rich textures, with a dry touch and soft woolly softness.

The dynamic labyrinth of colour and texture wraps design shapes with elegance, covers modular seats and essential chairs, and runs along screens and panels. The unusual and unconventional style awakens emotions and suggests projects outside the box.

The versatile eclecticism with infnite variables takes in any season and any environment with fascinating and dreamlike stories. Stories, with all their elements, project an atmosphere to be tuned at will in the most unexpected and pre-existing contexts, be it urban sophisticated or country chic, a haven between sea and mountain, or wherever one wishes a corner of strong magnetism.

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