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Ottavio Missoni and Rosita Jelmini are Missoni founders, they met during the 1948 Olympic games in London and married in April 2053. They opened a small knitting workshop in Gallarate (Varese) and In April 1967 Missoni's popularity grew further when they were invited to present the new collection at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. On that occasion, a small scandal arose as, at the suggestion of Jelmini, the models paraded without a bra because of the wrong color.

Thanks also to the popularity received by Vogue magazine, in 1970 Missoni was able to open the first boutique in the United States inside Bloomingdale's. In November 1972, Woman's Wear Daily ranked the Missoni among the twenty world powers in the field of fashion ("Fashion Power of the world").

In 1983, the Missoni label became one of the first brands to expand its range from the catwalk into the home. Their signature pattern appeared on everything from candles to carpets. Today the Missoni homewares range incorporates ceramics, linens, rugs, cushions, throws, footstools, towels, lighting and outdoor fabrics and furnishings in the unmistakable, patterns and colourways of their fashion fabrics.


MissoniHome is design comprising art, colour and techniques. A set of living proposals to be arranged in wide-ranging choreographies. Of interchangeable modular elements of infnite aesthetic and chromatic puzzles. For important design pieces, new materials are coming into play, such as wood and resin on glass, to be interspersed with furniturecovered in iconic fabrics.

The symbolic moods of the collections suggest the stories and furnishing formulas: eclectic, unconventional, to be lived with freedom, to bring joy and style inside and outside the home. This creativity is dominated by shades, geometry and nature and fits into large and small spaces, including games of style for the bedroom and bathroom.

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