Elegance, timeless charm and the highest quality are essential characteristics for sitap rugs. In this catalog you can see the price of SITAP rugs, inspired by haute couture clothes: SITAP rugs are characterized by their uniqueness and the very precious yarns and materials used. The studies conducted by the design studio have generated extraordinary solutions that stand out for their refinement and modernity.

FEATURES OF SITAP Haute Couture Rugs

In this catalog the finest SITAP rugs, hand-knotted rugs with the possibility of customizing the dimensions. In the Luxury Plain color section you will find plain-colored rugs, several very successful models to furnish your home with a contemporary taste.

What are the differences between the SITAP rugs in the Haute Couture catalog and the Pret à Porter?

The main difference lies in the processing technique, in fact the rugs in the My Design catalog are handmade, instead in the My Style catalog they are mechanically produced. Here are the practical consequences of the rugs in the two catalogs:

    • My Design rugs are handcrafted and therefore more expensive
    • My Design rugs are made of natural fibers (wool, silk, viscose), whereas my style rugs are made of synthetic fibers
    • My Design rugs should be repaired / restored even after several years for their value, instead restoring a my style rug can cost as much as a new one
    • My Design rugs can be customized in size, whereas in My Style the rugs are fixed sizes
    • My Design rugs are designed for large spaces, so the minimum size is approx. 170x240 cm
    • My Design rugs made of wool are not recommended for people allergic to wool and mites, My Style rugs are free from these problems


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