Arte Espina is the company founded by Theo and Margo van Dooren in the Netherlands in 2000 to provide modern designer carpets at an affordable price. Until then, modern carpets were an inexpensive alternative to traditional rugs, obsolete designs inspired by the Persian carpet and often of poor quality.

Theo van Doren hired designers with experience in the textile world and started the production of hand made rugs in China with innovative graphics and high quality. For this reason the company has patented the Espirelle fabric, the innovative acrylic yarn used in series production. Espirelle is a synthetic material that permanently maintains colors over time and resembles wool to the touch.

In addition to manifacturing innovation, Arte Espina has also been a pioneer in marketing experience: the company published yearly a catalog with hundreds of visual impact models. The team was concerned with knowing the trends in the world of furniture and the designer to reflect these changes in new motifs for the rugs. So every year a new catalog was proposed with numerous original proposals.

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