Embrace the Floral Elegance of SITAP's Blake Collection

Add a Touch of Nature and Sophistication to Your Space with the Blake Collection

Introducing the exquisite Blake Collection by SITAP, a renowned Italian manufacturer of carpets. This collection, well-known throughout Italy, captivates floral enthusiasts with its charming and luxurious design.

Floral and Refined Style

The Blake Collection features a refined floral pattern in a graceful beige color. This floral style imparts a delicate and sophisticated look to the carpets, perfect for adding a touch of nature and beauty to your space. Whether you wish to adorn your living room, bedroom, or any other area, the Blake Collection seamlessly integrates with various interior styles, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Premium Materials and Luxurious Details

The carpets in the Blake Collection are crafted from 100% viscose, a premium material that bestows upon them a unique sheen and softness. With a pile height of just 4 mm, these carpets provide a subtle yet refined addition to your flooring. Weighing 3800 grams per square meter, these carpets are not only high-quality but also durable, ensuring long-lasting comfort and beauty.

Elegant Craftsmanship and Uniqueness

The Blake Collection is hand-loomed, utilizing traditional techniques that infuse each carpet with elegance and authenticity. This meticulous craftsmanship guarantees the uniqueness of every piece, making each carpet slightly different from the one photographed. By bringing home a carpet from the Blake Collection, you acquire a one-of-a-kind work of art, showcasing artisanal mastery and attention to detail.

Standard and Custom Sizes

The Blake Collection offers standard sizes, including 170x240 cm and 250x300 cm, which are usually available in stock for prompt delivery. If you require a custom size to perfectly fit your space, please contact us for further details and assistance in creating your custom-made carpet.

To explore the full range of SITAP carpets, including the Blake Collection, you can download the SITAP catalog with detailed images and product information here.

In conclusion, TAPPETI.IT offers a wide selection of modern carpets. Discover additional options of modern carpets in our collection by visiting this link.

Embrace the floral elegance of the Blake Collection by SITAP and elevate the beauty of your living space.


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